Panasonic robot weldnig system

Arrived: Panasonic robot welding system

In addition to the decision of this investment, our company carried out several market researches, which almost in 100% justified our proposal.

Despite the high purchase cost, the growth in production, the long service life, the achievement of continuous quality and the lack of skilled workforce significantly justified the introduction of robot technology as soon as possible.

When choosing the Panasonic PA-H-Frame 2PD-SWAP welding robot system, we tried to determine the areas and work processes where the use of the robot can be realized in the most optimal way in terms of the tasks ahead. Thanks to the welding robot, the time required for production processes can be easily calculated, and an important argument is that the quality of the welding seam formation is constant, the quality and appearance of the finished product is uniform, and it guarantees an excellent end result from the first to the last workpiece.

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