Kreon ACE 7 axis measuring arm

Kreon Ace 7-Aschen-MessarmBesides the 7-axis arm, there are surpassingly high technology and material quality hidden. The arm has got temperature-control, so it can be used in the measure room and in the factory in 2,5meters range. Thanks to its inbuilt storage battery and wireless connection, it is possible to use without cable with the probe.
With the help of the removable 3D laser sacnner (Zephyr II, Zephyr II Blue and Solano) it is easily to scan the most challenging parts and do 3D models. The scanners and probes can be connected in the mode of „plug-and-play” and also can be used with different kinds of softwares. (e.x : Metrolog, Polyworks, Geomagic, PowerInspect, Rapidform, Capps etc.)

Technical data:

  • 7-axis measuring arm
  • Measuring arm: 2,5 m
  • Repeat accuracy with probe: 0,027 mm
  • Volume accuracy with probe: 0,038 mm
  • System aacuracy with scanner: +/-0,044 mm
  • RENISHAW connection
  • Inbuilt WIFI and storage battery for the wireless using
  • Carbon fiber frame

Application field:

  • Measuring of large parts
  • Measuring of melded structures
  • Mhe comparison with CAD model
  • „Reverse engineering” modeling
  • The digitalization of the parts
  • Size checking in the case of challenging parts

Download brochure (PDF)