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Robotic welding in Sari Metal Ltd.
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Our Panasonic PA-H - Frame 2PD-SWAP welding system, which uses the most modern welding technologies, can apply many of the welding processesused in the industry with high quality.It can create seam formations properly on various sheet qualities, whether it is carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum.It can also be used in the production of small and large series products.In addition to thedecision of this investment, our company carried out several market researches, which almost in 100% justified our proposal.Despite the high purchase cost, the growth in production, the long service life, the achievement of continuous quality and the lack of skilled workforce significantly justified the introduction of robot technology as soon as possible. Thanks to the fast, accurate, continuous and high-quality productionthe cost of the products seems to be significantly reduced.Our machine has two workstations, which are capable of achieving greater efficiency, because while work is in progress at one workstation, we can safely replace the finished products at the other workstation.When we have choosen the type of the robot, the fact that we found self developed robot arm, welding power source and custom-designed software from this particular manufacturer played a big role in our decisionconcerning the type of the robot.

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