Solid Edge ST10


Let us do the designing as well!

The design software that greatly contributes to sheet metal has become an inevitable part of today's manufacturing industry. New innovative software enables you to create high quality and usable blueprints for your drawings. Accelerated industrial development and innovation bring with it more and more complex and complicated structures, so we design the parts to be manufactured first by using a 3D CAD (SolidEdge ST10) software that allows the products to be manufactured, further improvements or before the production, test in digital reality. For complex products, it is important to create a complete assembled final product even before manufacture. This almost completely excludes problems with manufacturing or assembling. While we are designing the model history is made, which is conducive to future adjustment and results in a more transparent precision work.

The advantages of our technical design for our customers:

  • Optimize the cost of your product.
  • We make suggestions for the most efficient production.
  • If needed, we will work together to further improve your prepared plans.
  • Planning - Cost Effectiveness and Perfection