TruBend 7050 CNC bending machine

In order to increase our capacity, we decided to purchase another CNC edge bending machine in 2023! We chose the TruBend 7050 machine manufactured by Trumpf GmbH due to its many technological features. Our machine was put into operation in January 2024 and based on the first data, we made a good decision when we chose this type. Both the management and the colleagues in the plant gave assurance of their satisfaction when they presented the true knowledge of the machine after commissioning. High-precision bending can be achieved with it, which can make the production faster and more cost-effective, and thanks to the electric drive, its energy consumption is also much more favorable than the consumption of the hydraulic edge bending machine. All in all, we are very satisfied and we hope that the purchase of this machine will have at least as much impact on our company as the previous ones, which have helped our work and enhanced our company's reputation ever since!