Laser cutting High quality, fast manufacturing, high prices

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Complete planning Technical expertise, cost optimization


Welding Aluminium, stainless steel, steel welding


CNC edge bending high accuracy,high quality,widht 3000mm


Leader metalworkers since 9 years!

Pro complete metalworking - laser cutting - CNC flame cutting - CNC plasma cutting - metalframe manufacturing - CNC edge bending - surface cleaning and surface treatment

Request a quote for complete metal part manufacturing. Our goal is to fulfill your complete needs of metalplate working.

Our services:

Complete metal working

precise work, exact deadlines. We recommend it for machine manufacturers, part manufacturers, tool manufacturers, for turners. Complete construction from the cutting until the assembly of the tool or part.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting on low price. We undertake to precisely cut carbon steels, aluminium, stainless steel with our Trumpf lasercutting machine with CAD / CAM technology. 
CNC flame and plasma cutting
Precise cutting and precise deadlines. We recommend our service to machine manufacturers, part manufacturers, tool manufacturers, turners. You buy only the cut size what you need.

CNC edge bending

High bending precision, to meet high quality demands with our Amada machine. Max bending width capacity: 3 meters.
Metalframe manufacturing
Unique plan realisation, complete manufacturing.
Surface treatment ( sand blasting / particle blasting )
Sandblasting, particle blasting, surface cleaning. Iron structures, castiron, aluminium parts, car parts, antique furnitures, wrought iron fences, laser, flame plasma and water cut part sand blasting and particle blasting.
Industrial gas wholesale
Large scale of industry gases, fast delivery.

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