Soyer BMS-8N stud welder

The welding technology greatly contributes to the fixing of disk parts with screw connection. With a simple movement, the fastening bolts provide easy soluble bonding for assembly. The welded joint also produces a strong bond, a clean and seamless surface when used under heavy loads.

The new SOYER BMS-8N welding unit, a top quality product with microprocessor, with its small weight, high efficiency, easy handling and absolute safety, meets all your expectations. The BMS-8N stud welding unit has a particularly favorable price / performance ratio.


  • Welding range: M3 - M8 or M3. Ø 3-8 mm for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper
  • Welding procedure: peak ignition (TS) according to DIN EN ISO 14555
  • Standard gun: PS-1K
  • Power source: Condenser
  • Charging Voltage: 66,000 μF (Option 99,000 μF)
  • Welding current: 50 - 200 A, freely adjustable
  • Welding time: 0.001-0.003 sec.
  • Welding speed: Depending on the size of up to 20 pcs / min
  • Mains voltage: 230 V ~, - 50 Hz, 5 A / 115 V ~, - 60 Hz, 10 A adjustable
  • Welding cable: 3m, flexible cable