Measurement all before!

Our air-conditioned measuring room, specialized for mechanical measurements, has been established in our new office which was built in 2020. Our quality inspectors do the checking of our product’s quality conformity and do the measuring report according to the parts in this room.

A separate section has been eastablished for the storing of the first samples („standard pieces”) in the case of recurring products which are for the checking in cronological aspects. In this way, we can control the difference in size of the accepted parts years back. We have equipped our measuring room with the most useful equipment in the favour of achieving the most optimal measurements.

Quality control

This measurements are done by highly qualified specialists beacause the quality prescriptions are very important for us .
Under the perpetual production control and during the serial production of the given product, we do in-process and end control after the approval of the first sample.
We make daily report about the proportion of waste product occuring during the production. After the documentation we avaluate the data and then we offer a proposal for the reducing of the waste product’s proportion. The inappropriate products are stored in a well-separated place out of the factory and then we cull them.


ISO 9001:2015

This standard focuses on processes. Clearly defined powers and responsibilities as well as transparent processes assist employees in performing their tasks and significantly contribute to increasing employees’ motivation.

The standard aims at the development of a quality management system where operational processes are regulated, supervised and continuously developed in order to improve the efficiency of the organization. 

Tools in our measuring room

  • Amada Digipro digital protractor (calibrated)
  • Coating thickness meter (calibrated)
  • Gauge blocks
  • Analogue protractor (calibrated)
  • Tachometers (calibrated)
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