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Our CNC flame-cutting machine has been in operation since the beginning of 2008 and has been producing accurate and efficient sheet parts perfectly suited to a wide range of customer requirements. Flame Cutters specialists have sophisticated expertise and innovative technology. Thanks to its advanced control technology, our CNC flame cutting machine is capable of automatically producing workpieces with high precision, even in complicated forms, as production is done in the CAD file. Mechanically controlled machines are superior in precision and speed.

Combining our laser cutting and flame cutting technologies, we are able to produce sheetmetal from sheet metal in a wide spectrum range. Our cutting ranges range from 0.5 to 300mm. Our CNC manufactured flame-cut parts are available on request by surface treatment, shot blasting, powder coating, hot dip galvanizing.

We pursue to be the suppliers of sheet metal to such companies which imagine the future with flexible production and reasonable prices.

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CNC Flame cutting parameters of Sari Metal Ltd.

  • max. Sheet Thickness: 300 mm
  • max. Plate size: 2.000 x 3.000 mm

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Some data on machinable material qualities:

S 235 JR | S 355 J2 + N | S 355 MC | S 460 NL | S 690 QL | S 700 MC | S 960 QL | P265 GH | P 355 NL | HB 400 | HB 500 | C 45 | 42 CrMo4 | 16 MnCl5

CNC Flame Cut - Coarse plate processing with high accuracy