Privacy policy

Like other websites, this site also collects information about visitors through forms. Certain information may be identified with the person (information that is only binding to you, such as your name, phone number, or email address). The site also collects anonymous information about visitors by using "cookies", "internet members", which are cumulated and analyzed to improve the site to make their experience more complete. In our privacy policy, you can read more about managing your personal information.


The Sári Metál Lemezmegmunkáló Kft. Handles the data provided by users on the forms published on
The web site operator undertakes to keep the recorded personal data confidential, with the data protection laws, and in accordance with international recommendations, in accordance with this Declaration, for third parties without the user's specific statement.
Users registered on this site will accept and agree to the website receive regular circulars and newsletters that include site-related information, notifications, and ads.

The legal basis for data handling

Data management is done on the website with the voluntary consent of the users. Exit forms include the acceptance of the terms of use (including the data handling regulations).
The user gives his consent using the services of the website. The personal information is thus managed by the Information Right to Self-determination and the Information Debt 2011 CXII. Based on Article 5 (1) (a) of the Civil Code, the voluntary consent of the registrant users
Given that the personal data has been collected with the consent of the user, Article 6 (5) the data controller shall refer the data recorded to him in the absence of a different provision of the law for the fulfillment of a legal obligation or for the legitimate interests of the data controller or third party to enforce this interest by limiting the right to the protection of personal data proportionate without further special consent and after withdrawal of the consent of the person concerned you can manage it.

Treated data

The data controller handles the following data provided during use.
When filling out the form, the user must be required to provide the following personal information:

  • Company name
  • Family and first name
  • of the representative of the company (Contact person) 
  • phone number
  • E-mail address

The information provided during registration is not available to other users.
When using, the data controller records the IP address of the user, the start and end time of the site visit, the browser and the operating system type.
The logging of these data is carried out continuously by the system, but it is not linked to the data entered during registration or use. Data obtained by this data is only accessible to the data controller.
The unregistered visitors of the web site have a system called " cookie. A cookie is suitable for recording visitor habits. The personal information of these visitors is not handled.
The purpose of data management

When filling out the form, you must mandate your personal data to be handled by orders, inquiries necessary.
To manage the data logged by the data controller and the user habits collected by the cookie the management of data obtained from collected information is solely for statistical purposes.


A cookie is a small text file uploaded by the website server to your computer or mobile device when you visit the site.
We use cookies to get more information on how to use our website to make it easier to find them. Cookies also allow you to analyze the use of the website.
Cookies allow your website to store certain information about using your site. When you re-visit the site, your web browser will send these cookies back to your site to recognize you and remember your settings (language, font, and other display options) so you do not have to re-enter it when you visit the site again.
By using this site, you agree to our cookies. However, the cookies we use do not store any personal data or cookies. do not collect personal information.
How to use cookies?
Your site's web pages use cookies to remember the following:

  • to your display settings such as font size or color setting
  • to the language of your choice
  • if you have already agreed (or not) to use cookies on this site,
  • etc.

Controlling cookies
By using this site, you agree that we place cookies on your computer or on your mobile device. However, you can control or delete cookies. For more information, visit
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You can delete all cookies on your computer, but please note that removing or disabling cookies may affect your user experience. You may need to manually perform various settings manually each time you visit the site, as all user settings are lost or certain features and features may not be available. This website uses Google Inc. ("Google") web analytics service, Google Analytics. Google Analytics also uses cookies. Information generated by cookies (including your anonymised IP address) is transmitted or stored on Google's own servers.
Google uses this information to evaluate the use of our website, as well as to report on the activities on the site and to provide other web site and internet services to web site operators. Google has this information required by law
cases may be transmitted to third parties.