Durma MRB 1503 plate roller

The productivity of the sheet rolling machine is simple, easy to operate, the low-voltage pedal remote control and adjustment between the broad parameters. The upper cylinder can simply be unlocked to allow the finished workpiece to be pulled out. The spacing of the lower cylinders is symmetrically adjustable, offering a wide range of rolls of different profiles and sizes. The two-speed brake actuator offers the possibility of meticulous, accurate and timely rolling, to select the right speed. The procurement is realized from European Union sources.


  • Digital display
  • Motorized lower cylinder adjustment
  • Grinding cylinders
  • Trained cylinder ends for receiving bending blades
  • Mold bending discs
  • CE certification
  • Control panel (without digital display)
  • Special steel rollers
  • Cones rolling
  • Tensile steel construction
  • Manual lower roller adjustment (with metric)
  • Motorized rear roller adjustment (with metric)
  • The center and main rollers are geared
  • Movable control panel