Grinding became available at our company as a technological process in the field of sheet metal processing In the last quarter of 2022. The primary target was the removal of sharp edges formed during the laser cutting, for which we had received several customer demand. However, when we chose the machine we tried to find a device which offers solutions for the expectations regarding the surface of the parts, for example the aspect of aesthetics, accident protection or the complete change of the surface.
After a long search we decided to buy the MD4 1150 CVC type grinding machine from the Italian machine manufacturer called COSTA, which seemed to meet all our needs. We were pleased to experience that it fully meets all the requirements after putting it into operation. We tested all the technological processes provided by the manufacturer and we achieved excellent results in

  • grinding,
  • edge breaking,
  • deburring,
  • oxide layer removal,
  • polishing,
  • removing surface scratches

During the deciosion the next aspect was extraction which meant us a serious challenge. Fortunately, COSTA offered a perfect solution for the extraction as well and it was realized in a cyclonic water extraction device. This technology makes it possible to process not only the hot and cold rolled steel, stainless steel, copper but the aluminum as well.
As a result we have been able to minimalize the number of scarp product which were originated in the production because of surface scratches or aesthetic problem. We have also achieved good result in the case of painted parts with this technology.