Quality policy

The quality policy of Sári Metal Ltd.

The Company is committed to customer satisfaction what reflects the creation of mutually beneficial business relationships, to this end, we are committed to comply with the law and to meet the hungarian and foreign technical regulations. 
The Company's professional reputation has to ensure to gain the confidence of our long-term partners, and the ability to provide quality competitiveness, preservation and improvement .
Technical and quality parameters of the constant development of our products , continuous training of our staff, have to provide a solid base to fully meet the customer needs and expectations.
Our quality management system is formed in accordance with the requirements of the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and it is constantly improving.
The Company's management sets specific quality goals annually and publishes it.
Performance goals for each employee, job duties , the necessary working conditions are created , and we are regularly checking and, we are ensuring:
  • that the required practical knowledge to function at their work area is learned ,
  • to make them know their tasks and expectations in their position ,
  • professional development opportunities.
We consider a priorized management task to:
  • think and work in a quality-oriented way and to strengthen and control the work processes and, 
  • the regular training to keep and develop quality standards.
Quality philosophy:
  • The Management is responsible primarily and decisively to operate the quality management system 
  • All our employees are responsible of the quality of their own work.
  • The customer's satisfaction is the most important control number of our work, what we would raise to a higher level by the monitoring, constant developement of our services and processes 
  • Instead of of detecting errors we prioritize quality councioussness

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New Haeger Insertion Machine arrived!

The latest successful tender, Sári Metál Kft. can purchase more new machines. Purchasing machines, being industrial equipment, can only get us through a few weeks. The Haeger 618 Series Binding Injection Machine has now arrived and has already been installed in our production hall. Thus, in the case of further orders, we are able to perform the insertion and riveting work in professional, constant quality with our own hydraulic injection machine. With the new Haeger 618MSP-e-PS Injection, not only rivet cuttings, but rivet nails can also be implemented, such as fixed and soluble bonded sheeting, instrument boxes, etc. its full design is evenly bonded and can be completed with shorter deadlines.

The introductory video of our Haeger 618 insertion machine is short, but it shows some examples of machine operation and versatility.