TruBend 7050 CNC bending machine

truBend 7050 elhajlitoThe TruBend 7050, developed and manufactured by Trumpf GmbH, is an ergonomically designed edge bending machine capable of high productivity. Perfectly suitable for both small and large series production. Its technological innovations greatly help the production of components in high quality. It offers many important solutions that not only facilitate but also speed up the production processes. Among these, the ACB Wireless laser angle measuring function was the biggest novelty for us, which completely excludes human intervention from the process of angle measurements and angle corrections, thus reducing the amount of error. Its 21.5ˇ” display provides the operator with a lot of important information while working and draws his attention to the fulfillment of precise work. The Offline programming option is also important to mention , because it saves time and energy for the operator during shifts. Programming does not take place directly on the machine, because it is done by the technologist during the production preparation. The edge bending program is only put into production after the test program has been run. This function is supported by the TruTops Boost software package, which was purchased at the same time as the machine in order to achieve this result. Our new machine will be available from January 2024, which will start working immediately after training.

Technical parameters:

  • Highly dynamic, electromechanical direct drive
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Length measurement system dynamic spring compensation
  • CNC-controlled wedge-bomb marking
  • 6-axis control (X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2)
  • Touchpoint TruBend machine control
  • BendGuard Automatic
  • CNC-controlled lower tool offset (I-axis)
  • ACB laser
  • obileControl Pro management
  • Tool indicator
  • Air-conditioned switch cabinet
  • Offline programming (TruTops Boost, Oseon)