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As a provider of manufacturing mechanical parts, we want to offer more than just laser cut and bent sheet amount of products. Our complex sheet metal working offers a wide range of interventions for clients in manufacturing sheet metal parts. After the establishment of the company it was our goal to develope our production to get from the flat sheet to the complete sheet metal parts or assembled surface-treated, packed final product.

We pursue to be the suppliers of sheet metal to such companies which imagine the future with flexible production and reasonable prices.

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Sheet metal processing properties in brief:

Laser cutting parameters:
  • Cutting table dimensions: 1500x3000 mm
  • Carbon steel: 0.5mm-25mm
  • Stainless steel: 0.5mm-20mm
  • Galvanized steel: 0.5mm-3.0mm
  • Aluminum: 0.5mm-20mm
  • Trumpf 3050 6kW
  • Trumpf 5030 6kW
Welding specifications:
  • Robot welding 
  • Studwelding and Spotwelding
  • Stainless, carbon and aluminium steel welding
  • MIG, MAG and TIG welding processes
  • Modern welding equipment
  • High flexibility
Surface treatment specifications:
  • Breaking or rounding sharp edges formed during laser cutting
  • Deburring
  • Thread grindingand brushing
  • Removal of oxides and cracks from the surface
  • Removal of surface scratches
  • Polishing
  • Galvanizing
  • Powder coating
  • Shot or sand blasting

Bending specifications:
  • max. Bending length: 3000 mm
  • max. Sheet thickness: 8 mm
  • max. Thrust: 175 tons
  • 4pcs CNC bending machines
Threading parameters:
  • Capacity: M2-M27
  • Air spring balancing
  • Speed control
  • Automatic tool lubrication
  • Depth adjustment
Parameters for fastener insertion:
  • Adjustable thrust from 0.4 to 6 tons
  • Compressive force accuracy per repetition: +/- 2%
  • Stroke length: 0-200 mm (of which adjustable 10-150 mm)
  • Rivet nut up to size M2 - M10
  • Rivets 1-6 mm thick

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Sheet Metal Working - Professional and certified

Complex production processes at Sari Metal Ltd: Laser cutting, CNC Flame cutting, CNC Plasma cutting, Folding, Threading, Plate rolling, Welding procedures (MIG/MAG, AWI), Stud welding, Spot welding, Fastening insertion, Surface treatment, Shot blasting, Powder coating, Plating, Hot-dip galvanizing, Desing, Mounting and Transport.

In machining processes, and the guiding principle "everything from one source" makes it possible to set in a cost-effective products we manufacture.The tools and sheet metal parts could be created with high accuracy with our machines. Except the base sheet processing processes used in the industrial sector, we try to sortto the requirements of the modern age with our CNC controlled machines. Our company's goal that flexible, fast, accurate and material saving production assist customer needs are expected from the sheet metal processing. Our work processes carried out by experienced proffesionals, who are also familiar with multiple plate machining areas, combining their extensive knowledge and the capacity of our machines following innovative technologies, we are able to execute more complex tasks and to accomplish complex orders.

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