Stud welding

Welding without suture.

We bought the SOYER stud welding machine complete, interchangeable parts with screw connection for the purpose of manufacturing our products. This also increases the efficiency of our sheet metal processing against newer and newer challenges on the market.

Some of the features of the stud welding technology:

The end of the stud is pressed to the surface to be welded to create a short circuit to create an arc that melts the end of the stud and the desired surface to be welded and the stud is pressed to the part create the desired welding bond. When using this method, there is no visible trace on the back of the work surface during welding. There is no burning or deformation on the back side of the thinnest welding surface, even if the reverse side has a plastic coated, laminated or galvanically treated surface. In the stud welding process, the power source is supplied by a condenser which a very short time about 1-3ms over outputs voltage the tip of the welding stud. The drawn arc stud welding is primarily used to weld cylindrical welding elements for automatic or semi-automatic welding on a metallic surface. The process has demonstrated its suitability, for example, in the steel industry, machine building, shipbuilding, electronics manufacturing and boiler construction.The technology is applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum products.

Welding: Clear and beautiful surface

Stud welding
Stud welding
Stud welding
Stud welding

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