Laser cutting with good prices..

We undertake to cut carbon metal materials, stainless steels, aluminimum materials with CAD technology. With laser cutting even the most complicated forms can be cut out with perfect precision. If you choose us, you get precise work, with fast deadlines. 
Workspace dimensions: 1500x3000 mm
Our cutting edge technology laser cutting machine is ideal to cut metal parts of any kinfd of metal plate. With laser cutting you can forgat about templating, tooling, and retooling, because the production goes directly from CAD files.  Be it a smaller or a big part our Trumpf laser cutter adapts to the different needs.
Cost effective
Low part cost: our laser cutter uses computer driven cutting path, creating the most efficient, fastest cutting, and lowest part cost.
Clean cutting
Burr and dross free edges. The CO2 laser cutting with nitrogen assistance, makes the nice and clean cutting of stainless steels possible.  
Perfect details
The laser cutting strongly simplifies the design and production processes. The focused laser beam creates perfect details with very sharp edges. The process in no contact, so the most thinnest plates can be cut without injury.


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