Spot welding

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A spot welding is a special form of so-called pressure welding process. The materials to be coupled must be placed between two electrodes, at least one of which is movable. At the transition point between materials, the ohmic resistance is particularly high. Electric current leads to the melting of the material, which is then compressed by the electrodes at the same time, creating an insoluble welding bond, which occurs at a "point". Spot welding processes are often used in automotive manufacturing. As a car industry supplier, we introduced spot welding technology as a welding process at the beginning of 2017. In response to our customer's requirements, we produce continuous spot welded parts that will be delivered packed after powder coating to the requested deadline. It has become a requirement that the welding should be made with minimum visibility, so we decided to spot welding. When buying machine, we tried carefully to choose the most suitable machine for the most demanding needs. The choice was made by an Italian CEA NLKP spot welding machine.

Spot welding - Fast and precise

Spot welding
Spot welding
Spot welding

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