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For the assembly of today's modern sheet metal parts, screwed connection, soluble solutions are indispensable. These include the use of injectable fasteners. It has evolved into the inevitable technology of many industries. Our company has introduced this technological process to manufacture the vehicle and the electronics tools.

A brief description of the process of insertion technology:

During laser cutting, a core bore is formed into the desired position, and depending on the technology before or after bending, place the parts to be inserted in the correct position. Then an injector machine is pressed to press the fastener into the preset pressure plate. we should finish the injection before the surface treatment technology if it's possible. If technology requires that fasteners be installed before surface treatment, care must be taken to protect the threads.

Some of the benefits of injecting products are:

  • They offer high quality
  • They are easy to mount and result in reduced costs
  • They are able to form strong bonds in thin plates as well
  • It is also possible to load heavy elements into thin sheets
  • The elements what injected into a thin sheets can be loaded with great force too
  • Provides accurate placement
  • There is no deformation and discoloration on the inserted sheet surface during insertion
  • They result in good thread quality

Fastening insertion - Accurate and high quality

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New Haeger Insertion Machine arrived!

The latest successful tender, Sári Metál Kft. can purchase more new machines. Purchasing machines, being industrial equipment, can only get us through a few weeks. The Haeger 618 Series Binding Injection Machine has now arrived and has already been installed in our production hall. Thus, in the case of further orders, we are able to perform the insertion and riveting work in professional, constant quality with our own hydraulic injection machine. With the new Haeger 618MSP-e-PS Injection, not only rivet cuttings, but rivet nails can also be implemented, such as fixed and soluble bonded sheeting, instrument boxes, etc. its full design is evenly bonded and can be completed with shorter deadlines.

The introductory video of our Haeger 618 insertion machine is short, but it shows some examples of machine operation and versatility.